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Firelight Gathering Review

I awoke relatively early to the sounds of birds and frogs and the rustling of leaves, and after journalling, wandered barefoot in the warm morning sun, through dew moistened fields just taking it all in. There were very few up and about, so I felt I had the whole place to myself. I don’t believe my smile left my face all weekend, even in sleep!
Elizabeth McNally

Thank  you Elizabeth for writing such a wonderful blog entry. We’re honored that you shared your first festival experience with us at Firelight Gathering.

You can read the rest of her blog entry at The Firefly House.


First Firelight Gathering is a Success!

Final count for the first edition of the Firelight Gathering Festival (August 2013) in terms of attendees (including Day Passes Weekends, and Overnights): 108. That covers all the expenses and gives us some seed money for next year’s event.

Thanks to everyone who decided to take a chance on this new Fest. You are all pioneers and trailblazers! Not to be overly dramatic, but if Firelight Gathering is a success, it’s because you all made it beautiful. Thank you.